Submit a paper on the risks of biometric authentication

  • Please find at least five (5) examples of risks of biometric authentication
  • Fill out the risk management matrix found at the link below with the risks you found. This matrix does NOT count toward your page count! You only need to fill out the pre-mitigation section
  • Please write two pages justifying your decisions (i.e. risk severity, likelihood, level, etc…)
  • You will be required to make assumptions, please note those assumptions in your analysis
  • Do NOT use bullets, that is not APA format!
  • Paper MUST be submitted in APA format
  • Propose a mitigating control or controls to help overcome the weaknesses identified in your paper
  • Submit at least 2 but no more than 4 pages double spaced
  • Reference all sources used
  • Individual work and NOT a group effort